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Sonia Perez: Registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine; MAppSc; BHSc (hons); GDip. (Western Herbal Medicine), Cert. (Detoxification), Cert. (Massage), Cert. (Advanced Clinical Internship – China)

Lyme Disease Advice was established in 2018 by holistic health care practitioners who saw an immediate need for trusted advice on how to treat Lyme Disease naturally.

We are proud to have Dr. Sonia Perez, a registered practitioner of Chinese Medicine practising in Melbourne, Australia on our team. Her studies have included both Eastern and Western Herbal Medicine , Acupuncture, Qi Gong and Detoxification Protocols, and has assisted hundreds of patients overcome a wide range of illnesses naturally. These include chronic disease such as Lyme, neurological conditions, depression and fatigue. You can read more about here HERE.

Recognizing that Lyme Disease is currently a poorly understood and often controversial condition – we keep on top of the latest research and news and search out the safest and most effective natural treatment protocols.

Treating any disease effectively, begins with understanding the real cause. We obsess over the scientific research and provide information from a holistic perspective to help you make informed choices.

Our Mission:

We are advocates for:

A) To provide you with the safest and most effective ways to treat and prevent Lyme Disease naturally.

B) Keep you up to date with the latest news and scientific advancements in defining, diagnosing and treating Lyme Disease.

  • Treating the Real Cause of the problem – not just the Symptoms
  • Holistic Medicine and Natural Treatment Protocols
  • Science-based Advocacy
  • Recognising that each person is Unique – what one person finds effective, may be ineffective on another
  • Herbal Remedies that work on your body Synergistically
  • Empowering through Education
  • Preventative Care and Lifestyle Medicine

You deserve a clear answer on:

We look forward to bringing you those answers and helping you begin your journey to self-healing today…

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