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Herbs For Lyme Disease

Medicinal herbs should be an essential part of any natural Lyme disease treatment protocol. As we have mentioned previously, the best treatment for Lyme disease takes a multi-layered approach. Many doctors believe that pharmaceutical antibiotics should not be used without natural

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Lyme Disease Symptoms

Lyme Disease symptoms can vary by person but should always be taken seriously when the possibility of tick exposure is present. The most commonly noticed Stage 1 (Early Localized Lyme disease)  symptom of Lyme disease is often a skin rash.

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Lyme Disease Treatment:

Due to the diversity of symptoms and associated complications that Lyme disease often presents in each person infected, there is no one-size-fits all treatment protocol. However, there are guidelines and plans that can and should be followed. So how do


Natural Lyme Disease Treatment

With the rapid increase in reported cases of persistent and chronic Lyme disease symptoms, many people are now searching for alternative and natural Lyme Disease treatment options. Especially when it is so common for pharmaceutical antibiotic treatments to prove ineffective...

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Can Lyme Disease Be Treated Naturally?

Lyme disease is commonly referred to as an infection caused by the spirochete bacteria Borrelia Burgdorferi that is transmitted into the blood through the bite of an infected black legged tick. However, more recently scientists are theorising that Lyme disease symptoms can also be triggered by spider, mosquito and flea bites.

Due to the diversity of symptoms and associated complications that Lyme disease often presents in each and every person infected, there is no one-size -fits all treatment protocol.

Antibiotics are the most commonly used and conventional option for Lyme disease treatment. They are known to be effective at reducing the symptoms of Lyme, however, whether they completely eliminate the Borrelia microbes remains unknown. Many people develop chronic Lyme symptoms months after taking antibiotic therapy. Antibiotics are also very aggressive on your gut and kill off a lot of the good bacteria in your body. This then depletes your immune system and to overcome Lyme, both your immune and detoxification system needs to be strong and functioning properly.

The best treatment for Lyme Disease takes a multi-layered approach and many doctors believe that:

Pharmaceutical antibiotics should not be used without natural therapies that support the use of these aggressive drugs which can weaken your immune and digestive system over time.

This will help to ensure that the detoxification pathways are operating efficiently and the kidneys and liver are supported at the time of introducing more aggressive medications.

Natural treatment protocols include herbal antimicrobials, detoxification therapies, homeopathic remedies and nutritional intervention which includes a Lyme Disease Diet.

Enhanced detoxification of the body and strengthening the digestive and immune systems are an essential step on the road to recovery from Lyme…